Inissio Gravel

Inissio Gravel

No track too far, no road too rough – the INISSIO GRAVEL guarantees unlimited riding thanks to its wide, grippy tyres and a high-quality carbon frame. Its optimally arranged carbon fibres minimise weight, maximise stiffness and ensure a high level of comfort. With many add-on parts available, the INISSIO GRAVEL can be configured fully equipped.

€ 4,199.00
CHF 4,199.00
6 from 6
5 from 6
5 from 6
The all-rounder can take on any surface.
Weight assembled bike
from 8,2 kg
Frame weight
1250 g (L)
Frame material
    Inissio Gravel
    On the dirt tracks, get set, go

    Tyres with up to 40 mm in width provide comfort and lots of grip for tours off paved roads. 

    Tidy look

    Thanks to the internally routed cables, the Inissio Gravel looks extremely tidy and sleek.

    Agil, direct and smooth on the road

    The high frame stiffness gives the bike up to 100 percent steering precision and balanced handling.

    Perfectly connected

    The flat-mount bracket on the Inissio Gravel allows for the best possible integration of the disc brakes. Good to know: Optionally, you can use a 180-mm disc in the front as well. 

    No more grinding

    The quick-release axles in the front and rear provide a high degree of stiffness and precise positioning of the wheel.

    Goodbye scratches

    Stainless steel protectors for the frame surrounding the chainstay and brake mount prevent dirt and stones from damaging the frame. 

    maximum riding pleasure on any terrain

    Sturdy, fast, all-terrain: As a crossover between cross and endurance bike, the INISSIO GRAVEL road bike is incredibly versatile and a perfect companion for cross-country tours. Whether it’s on the road, on grass or on gravel: With this allrounder, you’re safe on all kinds of terrain – thanks to tyres that are up to 40 mm in width. Additionally, the gravel road bike offers you the possibility to mount mudguards, which turns it into an appealing option for commuters. A built-in rear rack makes the Inissio Gravel a great bike for travel as well. 


    Smart Headset

    Cables and wires run from the handlebars through a special headset into the interior of the frame. The smart headset provides a tidy look and protects the cables.