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What characterises the new Performance Line CX motor? How much power does the drive unit have? Simplon shares their eight top highlights in the magazine! 

The new Performance Line CX drive unit by Bosch

A new generation of powerful 

The Rapcon Pmax  has it. The Chenoa  Bosch CX has it. The Kagu Bosch CX has it. The Spotlight Bosch CX has it. The Sengo Pmax has it. E-mountain bike or e-bike, the latest Simplon models are all equipped with the new Performance Line CX motor by Bosch. And there’s all the reason for that! The powerhouse of a drive unit really plays to its strengths on longer tours, and steep climbs practically become second nature with it. 

But what characterises the new Performance Line CX motor? How much power does the drive unit have? And which add-on features are available? We’ll share our eight top highlights with you! 

8 top highlights of the new Bosch drive unit 

1. Lighter, smaller, stronger 

Thanks to a magnesium housing, the latest generation of drive units by Bosch only weighs about 2.9 kilogrammes. What’s more, its only about half the size of earlier Performance Line CX models. Small, lightweight and compact – that’s what makes the Bosch drive unit perfect for Simplon e-bikes

2: Support levels – precise and adjustable 

The Bosch Performance Line CX boasts 75 Nm of torque and supports you with about 340 % of the pedalling force applied. This makes it one of the most powerful e-bike drive units on the market. Another novelty: the adjusted support levels. In tour mode, it’s 140 %. In the sporty e-bike mode, the drive unit can adjust the support depending on the situation – between 140 and 340 %. 

3. Riding without pedalling resistance

Uncompromised pedalling power without any motor resistance – a definite plus on the Performance Line CX. This means you can keep picking up speed after reaching the maximum level of support – at 25 km/h – without being slowed down by the motor. In the off mode, when the drive unit is completely switched off, the e-bike rides just like a regular bike.

4. PowerTubes for endless tailwind

With its 400, 500 and 625 PowerTubes, Bosch offers a full range of battery power. The batteries are integrated into the frame and hardly visible from the outside. Simplon exclusively uses the 625 PowerTube in all its CX models – for instance, on the Chenoa Bosch CX Uni. That’s 100 % performance guaranteed! 

5. DualBattery 

Another highlight in the context of the Performance Line CX is Bosch’s DualBattery system. The combination of an internal 625-Wh battery and an external 500-Wh battery gives you tireless support on long tours. The perfect solution for trekking fans, long-distance commuters, heavy-load bikers and e-mountain bikers. 
By the way: Simplon’s bikes all have room for maximum power! Rapcon Pmax, Sengo Pmax or Kagu Bosch CX  – they all come equipped with maximum battery power. 

6. The right support for long and short cranks

Especially for MTBs and particularly on uphill trails, it’s immensely important to have enough ground clearance. Otherwise the pedals might get caught on obstacles, which can cause accidents. Short cranks need significantly less clearance and give bikers the necessary freedom of movement – especially on challenging technical uphill passages. 

That’s why Bosch developed a special software for both long and short cranks that ensure you’ll get the right support depending on torque. 

7. A strong pushing aid 

The Performance Line CX drive unit with its powerful pushing aid is a true godsend for uphill enthusiasts. Root carpet or harsh rocks – no matter the obstacle, this pushing aid provides steady powerful support without any lag. The tilt sensor recognises the gradient, and the pushing aid automatically adjusts the flux of force. This means: The steeper the terrain, the more power you can expect to come from the pushing aid. 

8. Networked technology at its best: eSuspension 

eSuspension technology represents a new pinnacle in e-mountain bike technology: For the first time, an electronically controllable suspension setup was developed as part of a collaboration between Bosch E-Bike Systems and the component manufacturer FOX. And it was definitely designed for comfort and fun – especially on rough terrain. 

How does it work? A thousand times per second, the FOX E-Live Valve sensor system registers the ground you’re on. Within seconds, the suspension of the fork and shocks are adapted to the terrain. That’s what gives e-mountain bikers optimum suspension settings at all times and lets them fully focus on the trail. The system draws its power from the e-bike battery. By the way, eSuspension technology is available for the Simplon Rapcon Pmax! 

Discover all Simplon e-bikes and e-mountain bikes equipped with the latest Performance Line CX drive unit!


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