simplon pride geo converter

how to do it

For the comparison with your existing road bike you need the saddle height as well as stack and reach of the grip position (see Fig. 1).

Abb. 1

The Pride Geo Converter is primarily used to transfer the already familiar and proven geometry of your existing road bike to the Pride. With the help of the automatic determination you receive five configuration suggestions for the Pride that come closest to your preferred geometry after entering your data. The manual determination allows you to make all configurations yourself and you get the difference to your preferred geometry. Stack and reach always serve as comparison points for the grip position.

The Pride can be configured either with integrated cockpit (no visible cables) or with standard handlebar/ stem (visible cables).

The stack and reach values required can be obtained as follows: 

Stack (grip position) = S1-S2

Reach (grip position) = R1-R2

The following sketch will help you to determine the stack and reach of the grip position as easily as possible. Place your road bike exactly upright and with the front wheel against a wall. R1, R2, S1 and S2 can thus be easily determined with a measuring tape. The points of intersection are the center of the bottom bracket, wall, upper edge of the handlebar (S1) and front edge of the handlebar arch (R2).

Tip: Measure the handlebar height (S1) on the left and right side of the handlebar and take the average value for the calculation. This will give you the most accurate result possible.


Video Instruction

The following video shows instructions for the measuring process...