60 years of SIMPLON – a success story


SIMPLON has moved people for 60 years – both literally and figuratively. Learn more about the bikes and the fascinating history of the bike brand from Austria!

60 years of SIMPLON – quality bikes "born and raised in Austria”

While at the time of SIMPLON's founding, a bicycle pump and a saddle bag with tools were still considered the most important gadgets, today – 60 years later – things look a little different. But it's not just the equipment that has changed over time.

Find out in the magazine what motivated the founders to create the SIMPLON brand and how it has changed in recent years!

High-quality bikes are what Austria needs 

What Switzerland offers passionate bikers, Austria can deliver as well – Josef and Kurt Hämmerle were convinced of that. Highly motivated in their intention to put an end to the customer exodus to the neighbouring country, father and son turned their plan into a reality in 1961. The high-quality bike brand "SIMPLON" was born. 
Unique: Since the birth of SIMPLON, customers have been able to individually assemble their dream bike.

If you’ve always wondered where the name "SIMPLON" comes from: The brand is named after the Simplon mountain pass in the Swiss canton of Valais.

5 interesting facts about SIMPLON

It all started with the founding of a family businesss, run by Josef Hämmerle and his son Kurt. Over the years, not only the products but also the brand have evolved. The following facts have shaped the history of SIMPLON:

SIMPLON fact no. 1 – passionate about the sport

At SIMPLON, all employees share a strong passion for cycling, which can be felt in every bike – from the handlebars to the spokes. In the 1970s, the brothers Kurt and Heinz took over their father's business. At the time, they also dealt in boats. After a few years, however, they decided to focus entirely on the bicycle business. Cycling has always been a passion of the Hämmerle family. And in the mid-1980s, they were greatly fascinated by the Swiss Simplon Pass, the brand's namesake. 

SIMPLON fact no. 2 – trendsetters

Whether it's trendy cycling caps or jerseys in bright colours: SIMPLON has always been at the forefront of the latest trends. In the 1980s, countless SIMPLON fans wore the stylish cycling caps in blue and white. Around the same time, SIMPLON also provided the cycling club in Hard with pink and turquoise jerseys, which even came with a striking lightning bolt design.

SIMPLON fact no. 3 – experts in form and function

From the very beginning, sophisticated design has met good taste at SIMPLON. The best example of that is the legendary 5-star road bike, which had bushings with holes in them as connecting pieces between the tubes. The reason for this was simple: Even back then, every gram on a road bike mattered for SIMPLON – and the same is true today. This clever detail allowed the designers to effortlessly save weight without compromising function. A positive side effect: The bike also looked classy and stylish.

SIMPLON fact no. 4 – true craftsmanship right down to the spokes

Back in the early 1980s, the spoking of wheels was manual work at SIMPLON. And even today, our employees still do most of the assembling themselves, thus keeping quality standards high.

SIMPLON fact no. 5 – a faithful partner for every rider

SIMPLON has always been a trusted partner for hobby riders and cycling professionals alike. One example of a great collaboration at the professional level is the long-term partnership with Team Lotto Kern-Haus. The team is particularly fond of the Pride. They describe it as a "super stiff, fast and simply amazing bike from a technical point of view".

Always on the move

SIMPLON is constantly evolving: In 2018, the Experience Center was created as part of the expansion of the headquarters in Hard. It offers bike enthusiasts a brand experience of the special kind: After an in-depth conversation with the SIMPLON experts, the rider’s body gets measured with the help of eight cameras, and a 3D model is created. Based on this data, the desired bike can be optimally adjusted to its rider. 


Do you want to find out more about SIMPLON’s success story? On our website, you can read all about the most important events in chronological order.

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How it all started

Simplon was founded in 1961 by Josef Hämmerle. Today, it’s a world-renowned brand for premium bikes. How did this all come to pass? Let’s find out!