SIMPLON turns 60 & its employees give it three cheers

SIMPLON's employees play an important role in the company's long history full of successes. Find out more about their wishes, visions, and ideas for the future!

SIMPLON celebrates its 60th birthday!

All the best comes from its employees

SIMPLON has been making history for 60 years – a history full of revolutions in the bicycle market, successes in cycling, and so much more. Over the years, the brand has continually grown, evolved, and become stronger. As a company, that’s only possible if you constantly keep abreast of developments and trends, show courage, and have a strong team that shares the same vision.

You can now read all about the important role of our employees at SIMPLON and what they wish the brand for its 60th birthday.

One brand, one team: a story of success

Everyone at SIMPLON shares the same goal: to be a premium brand on the Austrian bicycle market and to provide customers with first-rate bikes. At the same time, all employees have their own unique story to tell. Their relationships with the company are as diverse as SIMPLON’s product range: from the designer who has been with the company for over 30 years to the road bike enthusiast who pursues his passion every day. 

60 years of SIMPLON

From their favourite bike to birthday wishes and the future development of the company: Our SIMPLON employees answer it all!

Cheers to SIMPLON!

The SIMPLON crew is thrilled about the company’s 60th anniversary. Everyone wishes the brand continued solid growth. And the employees really appreciate the short communication channels between departments because this allows them to advance developments much more quickly. 

Of course, each team member also has their expectations of the company. In addition to more bike colours and models, some of the employees would like to get their own SIMPLON bike. And for good reason: If you work with the bikes on a daily basis and have the opportunity to test them, you immediately become a fan of the high-quality two-wheelers.

Since the beginning, customers have also had unique wishes: From one-handed operation to the desire to use their e-bike on rollers.

By the way: Would you like to test your SIMPLON dream bike? You can! Simply book an appointmen at a SIMPLON dealer near you! 

Here's to another 60 years of SIMPLON!

Everyone in the company is passionate about what they do, and all employees agree: SIMPLON’s story of success is bound to continue. In this context, the question arises as to where the bicycle journey will take the company in the future. Even though developments are difficult to predict, the employees have some ideas about the direction that the company’s future could take based on their extensive experience:

  • The demand for electric bicycles will increase. SIMPLON is already well positioned in this market segment – and in the new season, the range will be expanded with three additional battery-powered bikes. With the Chenoa Max, Stomp Pmax and the Steamer Pmax, the e-family continues to grow.
  • Our employees know: Even in the future, there will always be "something more to accomplish". The most recent proof of this: the Pride II, which sets new standards in terms of speed and aerodynamics.
  • A wonderful development with regard to sustainability and eco-friendliness is a gradual shift in bike usage behaviour. More and more people use bikes for commuting, shopping, or to cover their other mobility needs – and this includes some of the trekking bikes by SIMPLON. Convenient: The range of available accessories and add-ons at SIMPLON is growing steadily as well.
  • As another future trend, the bicycle experts can think of transparent bikes, for instance, where the inside workings are visible, or models made of wood.

Incidentally, it is not just customers who find it difficult to decide on a model. The employees themselves are spoilt for choice, too. At any rate, the SIMPLON Pride is at the very top of their wishlist.


Design & Innovation Award 2024 for our KAGU PINION

The Design & Innovation Award can be regarded as the "Oscars of the bike and outdoor industry". Winner in the Urban category in 2024: the SIMPLON KAGU PINION
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