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The four road bike categories by Simplon explained | simplon.com

Race, allroad or cyclo-cross? Simplon tells you more about the latest road bike categories and which types of riders they’re perfect for. Find out more! 

Which Simplon road bike is the right one for you?

Road bike types compared 

You’re looking for a time trial machine for your next triathlon? You’re in the mood to go on extended tours on a comfort racer? Or you can hardly wait to chase your cross racer over hedge and ditch? Aero road bike, standard road bike or cyclo-crosser – the selection is vast. And then there’s also the question: with or without integrated drive unit? As you can see: Finding a suitable road bike isn’t always that easy … 

We’ll tell you more about the four categories “triathlon / time trial”, “race”, “marathon” and “allroad / cyclo-cross”, what characterises them, what the differences are, and which Simplon bike belongs to which category. 


Category: triathlon / time trial 

Triathlon bikes and time trial bikes were designed for high speeds and specifically for the requirements of racing against the clock. It’s not surprising that the focus lies on aerodynamics with these racers. The goal is to keep air drag as low as possible. Comfort is secondary in this case. 

The position: athletically extended with the saddle higher than the handlebars. The shorter head tube lets you take on an aggressive posture. The angle of the seat tube, however, is steeper. As a rider, you position yourself above the bottom bracket and further towards the front of the bike. 

Rider type: In pro racing, the models of the category “triathlon / time trial” are used. Especially when the goal is to maintain high speeds over a longer period of time and achieve best times. You’d like to compete in a time trial soon, or take part in a triathlon or ironman? Then an aero racer is the perfect companion for you. 

The bike: The perfect competition model is the Simplon Mr. T2. The “Advanced Aerodynamics” technology used on the fork, down tube, seat tube, seatpost and seatstays ensures minimal air drag. Additionally, the horizontally adjustable saddle lets you always get in the perfect position on the bike. Seat angles can range from 76 degrees up to 81 degrees.  


Category: race 

The most striking features of road bikes in the category “race” are: a deep athletic sitting position, agile and direct handling, good aerodynamics, and they’re also fast and lightweight. Visually, the racing road bikes stand out because of their flat and wide tube profiles. 

The position: On racing road bikes, the sitting position is athletic as well – the saddle being level with or higher than the handlebars. Because of the relatively short head tube, the rider takes on a deep and streamlined posture. 

Rider type: You’re at home on asphalt and flat terrain? It’s important to you that your road bike is fast and aerodynamic? And you’re aiming to achieve your personal best at the next marathon? Then the race segment is perfect for you.

The bike: The Simplon Pride achieves amazing results in terms of aerodynamics – among other things, because of the unique cockpit concept. All cables are routed internally through the frame. Another advantage: fully integrated brakes, adjustable dropouts and a variable seat angle. 

Category: marathon 

Road bike and comfort – do they go together? What used to be a contradiction has now become possible with the development of marathon racers. The biggest difference to the competition models of the categories “triathlon / time trial” and “race” is a more upright and thus more comfortable sitting position. Road bikes of the category “marathon” are also described as lightweight. 

Rider type: You like extended tours while sitting comfortably in your saddle? And you love mastering challenging climbs – on which your bike supports you with a small gear ratio? If you’ve answered these questions with “yes”, you should take one of the marathon road bikes for a spin right away! 

The bike: With the Kiaro Disc, you’ll get a true comfort road bike. The wide, tapered top tube as well as the flattened seat- and chainstays offer great suspension and sitting comfort. Moreover, the raptor dropouts – backwards-facing dropouts – increase vertical flex. Besides exceptional traction, the high stiffness is an absolute plus on this bike. 

At Simplon, the choice is yours: Kiaro, Kiaro Disc, Kiaro Pmax, Pavo Granfondo Disc or Inissio Granfondo  – each one of these bikes is perfectly suited for long rides. 

Category: allroad / gravel / cyclo-cross 

Robust, stable when riding, fast and suitable for all-terrain tours – those are the main attributes that a gravel bike needs to have. These lightweight road bikes not only perform great on asphalt but on gravel and dirt roads as well. 

Rider type: Your rides frequently lead you over forest trails, gravel tracks and easy off-road terrain? Once in a while, you’re up for a muddy and sweat-inducing cyclo-cross race ? In this case, Simplon recommends a cyclo-cross road bike – which is perfect for cross-country adventures. Commuters, year-round riders and all those who would like to use their bike as a touring bike should opt for a bike from the “allroad” category. Convenient mudguards, a light system and a rear rack are great additional features for everyday use. 

The bike: The Simplon Inissio Crosser was specifically designed for the requirements of a cross race. At first glance, it’s a standard road bike. At second glance, however, you can definitely see the mountain bike influence: disc brakes and lugged tyres withstand harsh weather conditions. 

A tad softer but still with exceptional cross-country genes: the Simplon Inissio Pmax and the Inissio Gravel. With these two allrounders, you can safely tackle all kinds of terrain. 


With or without drive unit? 

The use of a drive unit in the area of road bikes – is it worth it and necessary? And for which type of rider are e-road bikes a good choice? These are questions that bike enthusiasts tend to ask. 

A drive unit is especially convenient in case of extreme headwinds and exhausting mountain passages. If you’d like to optimally get ahead under these circumstances, you can choose from several support levels. That way, you can ration out your strength on longer and more challenging tours. 

Rider type: cyclists that used to ride on road bikes a lot, but don’t have the necessary endurance anymore. Or training partners and groups with different levels of conditioning. Differences in performance are hardly noticeable thanks to the built-in tailwind. 

The bike: Simplon currently has two e-road bikes in its portfolio: the Kiaro Pmax  – a comfortable lightweight marathon racer with super boost, and the Inissio Pmax  – an all-in-one utility bike for everyday use and longer journeys. 

Find out more about the e-road bikes! >> 

Whether it’s a road bike for your next competition, a comfort marathon racer or an e-road bike – let the dealer of your choice help you find the perfect bike! 


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