Rohloff E-14 shifting system | Details about the technology


Intelligent, simple, efficient: The Rohloff E-14 stands out in many ways. Find out why it’s the best shifting system for many cyclists!

Intelligent, simple, efficient: The Rohloff E-14 stands out in many ways. The electronic shifting system was specifically developed for use on e-bikes, such as city e-bikes, trekking e-bikes or touring e-bikes. Find out why it’s the best shifting system for many cyclists, how it works, and which Simplon e-bikes feature it!

The perfect combo: Rohloff E-14 and SPEEDHUB 500/14

Over the last 20 years, the SPEEDHUB gear system by Rohloff has been proving its merit and effectiveness. The arguments that speak for it: 14 gears, a gear range of 526 % and the highest efficiency of all gear hubs – suitable even for e-bikes with the most powerful drive units. With the Rohloff E-14, however, an electronic system is now in charge of shifting the SPEEDHUB.

By combining the E-14 with Bosch drive systems such as Bosch Active Line Plus or Performance Line CX, the manufacturers have succeeded in perfecting the shifting process through an excellent synchronisation of the drive unit and transmission. 

How exactly does this work? The electronic switch unit is mounted on the handlebars and used to shift gears. A light push of the shift button is enough to switch to the next gear. The Rohloff gear hub communicates with the eShift function of the Bosch drive system. The kicker: The moment the shift is initiated, the drive unit drops the output torque – and within 180 ms the new gear is engaged. It just doesn’t get any quicker or more convenient!


What are the functions and advantages of electronic gear hubs?

Shifting at the push of a button, easy to use and extremely convenient, especially suitable for touring riders: The Rohloff E-14 perfectly complements the indestructible mechanical gear hub. 

These clever details are included as well:

  • Single/Multi-Shift: This feature is especially useful when riding in the city or when picking up speed again. If you press and hold the button, you can shift sequentially in three-gear steps. Of course, shifting gear by gear is possible as well. 
  • Auto Downshift: This feature provides even more shifting comfort on e-bikes, as it automatically shifts into a pre-programmed start gear when the bike is stationary. Incredibly convenient when you stop at a red light!
  • Update compliant: It pairs with the Rohloff App on your smartphone for setup, updates and extension installation, so you’ll never miss the latest features.  

No gear shift adjustment and no oily chain lubrication required: In combination with a belt-drive unit, the Rohloff gear hub is probably the most maintenance-friendly drive system. It boasts a consistent shifting performance no matter the weather.

You want to know more about belt drive units? Click here for the blog post!

What are the possible disadvantages?

The Rohloff SPEEDHUB weighs between 1,700 and 1,900 grams, which makes it quite a bit heavier than a standard derailleur gear system, for instance. The SPEEDHUB is usually integrated into the rear wheel hub, which shifts the e-bike's centre of gravity to the rear as well. That’s why the Rohloff system is not optimal for e-mountain bikes, as the heavy rear wheel makes the bike harder to handle on challenging terrain.

Good to know: A balanced centre of gravity usually provides the best riding feel, which is why mid-mounted drive units are extremely popular. 

Which Simplon e-bikes come with an E-14?

The Rohloff E-14 is available for the following Simplon bikes:

Can you retrofit the electronic shifting system?

In principle, yes. However, an assembly check is required for every bike.


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