E-bikes with dual battery – the advantages


More range, an intelligent charging & discharging system, and optimal positioning: Find out about the advantages of Bosch’s DualBattery!

E-bikes with Bosch DualBattery – more range for maximum riding pleasure

If you set your sights high, you need the right equipment to achieve your goals. And just as the right footwear is essential for an alpine hiking tour, demanding bike tours and trails require maximum battery power.

The DualBattery system by Bosch is a gamechanger for all cyclists and mountain bikers looking to get optimum support on demanding tours. We’ve compiled a list of the most important advantages of e-bikes with a dual battery system. What’s more, you’ll also find out which Simplon bikes are equipped with this state-of-the-art technology by Bosch.

Advantages of the Bosch DualBattery system

Sure, for most tours, 625 Wh are plenty – but if you’re really aiming high, you’ll need more power than that! And this is where the DualBattery system by Bosch comes in. This novel technology is incredibly efficient and offers a variety of advantages.

1. Two batteries for more power

The combination of two batteries provides up to 1,125 Wh – perfect for touring e-bikers, long-distance commuters, cargo cyclists and e-mountain bikers.

2. Even charging & discharging 

The system switches intelligently between both batteries when discharging and charging. As a result, both batteries are discharged evenly and remain at their nominal voltage of 36 volts for a long time. Only when the battery is discharged by 30 per cent does a slight drop in performance occur, which ultimately conserves power. In addition, the intelligent charging and discharging system has a positive effect on the service life of the batteries.

3. Intelligent positioning

Carrying the battery in your backpack is a thing of the past. The Bosch DualBattery can be mounted directly on the bike. 

The advantages: 

  • no back pain caused by a significantly heavier backpack
  • more space in your backpack 
  • an overall lower centre of gravity of the bike

The 625-Wh battery in the down tube is combined with a 500-Wh battery on top of the down tube. The result: 1,125 Wh of battery power exactly where you need it!

By the way: In the video, you can find out why the pros of Simplon’s E-MTB Factory Team are huge fans of the Bosch DualBattery.

Dual battery: Rapcon Pmax

The E-MTB Factory Team shares all of the information for the dual battery system, using their team bike Rapcon Pmax.

Simplon e-bikes with dual battery option 

The DualBattery system is compatible with three models of the Simplon e-bike family:

Rapcon Pmax – the bike of choice for challenging trails

The Rapcon Pmax is a lightweight and versatile trail bike with plenty of e-power. Thanks to 1,125 Wh of battery capacity, you’re sure to conquer every summit. The bike also comes equipped with the latest Bosch CX drive unit, which harmoniously blends in with the high-quality carbon frame. In the DualBattery version, the internal 625-Wh battery is complemented by an external 500-Wh battery on the down tube. And in case the extra power isn’t needed, the 500-Wh battery can simply be replaced by a clip-on bottle cage.

For the Rapcon Pmax, special attention was placed on ensuring that all heavy components of the frame sit low – namely, the additional battery, the drive unit and the shocks. Mountain bikers thus benefit from a lower centre of gravity, and the handling of the bke is less affected by the additional weight of the battery.

Sengo Pmax – the e-hardtail for long MTB tours

Are you mostly riding on well-paved roads or moderate downhill trails? With the Sengo Pmax e-hardtail, even multi-day tours become a breeze. The battery capacity of the lightweight bike – it weighs only about 19 kg – can be easily increased to 1,125 Wh by adding a 500-Wh battery to the down tube, just like on the Rapcon Pmax. Here, too, you’ll have the option of replacing the additional battery with a clip-on bottle cage, which is mounted as low as possible on the down tube.

Good to know: Overall, the centre of gravity of the Sengo is significantly lower than when the battery is carried in a backpack, for instance.

Chenoa Bosch CX – the versatile trekking bike

The power of the Chenoa Bosch CX can be increased from 625 Wh to 1,125 Wh, thanks to the dual battery option. The 500-Wh battery can be attached to the rear rack and thus offers even more power and support, even on longer rides.

Up the battery power of your e-bike!

The DualBattery by Bosch offers a high degree of flexibility. If you’re planning a longer tour, it can be quickly and easily mounted on the down tube or rear rack. The intelligent charging and discharging system keeps the motor’s power stable for a long time, and it also significantly increases battery life.

Would you like to up the battery power of your bike and benefit from the advantages of a dual battery? Then go ahead and configure your dream bike in our configurator!


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