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From the fastest aero road bike in the world to an optimally balanced MTB: Explore the new SIMPLON bike models for the 2022 season! 


Incredibly fast, aerodynamic, balanced, lightweight, wild, efficient, comfortable – that's how you can describe the seven new bike models by SIMPLON. The absolute highlight: the Pride II. It’s currently the fastest road bike on the market. 
Trail fans can rejoice as well: The Rapcon was designed for enhanced durability and performance in rough terrain. And the Stomp Pmax trail e-bike provides some extra tailwind on demanding climbs. And for the maximum comfort and safety: the full-suspension touring bike Chenoa Max.

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Good to know: From now on, all models are configurable on the website!

Pride II - the fastest road bike in the world

The Pride II breaks all wind tunnel records. The aerodynamic road bike boasts minimal air resistance and makes highly efficient use of the so-called sailing effect. Propulsion in perfection, so to speak. And it’s not only professionals riding at high speeds who can benefit from this – long-distance riders who ride at medium speed will love the bike for its energy-saving properties as well.
The specially developed cockpit is available in different versions and can be individually adapted to the rider.


  • current record for the best aerodynamics
  • frame and all add-on parts optimised according to flow simulation and wind tunnel tests
  • UCI-compliant
  • compatible with turbo trainers and direct drives


  • perfectly integrated handlebar/stem unit, incl. adjustment options
  • large adjustment range of the horizontal saddle position

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Pride II

Discover the full story of the fastet bike in the world in the video!

Pride TRI - Aerodynamics in perfection

Aerodynamics and ergonomics were the central focus in the development of the Pride TRI. Extensive flow simulations and wind tunnel tests helped the designers shape the frame and add-on parts to perfection. The result is a bike with minimal air resistance that optimally supports triathlon riders. In crosswinds, the sailing effect generates additional propulsion.
The cockpit was developed in cooperation with FSA – the world-class bicycle component manufacturer for road bikes. This means that a wide range of customisation and retrofitting options are available. 


  • wind-tunnel-optimised aerodynamics
  • ergonomic cockpit with numerous customisation and retrofitting options (FSA modular system)
  • compatible with turbo trainers and direct drives


  • full internal cable routing
  • disc brakes for optimum braking performance, regardless of weather conditions

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>> Check out the Pride TRI

Steamer Pmax - "Into the wild" with the aluminium E-MTB

The Steamer Pmax is the perfect aluminium companion for unforgettable trail adventures. Its specialities? Fast descents including tricky passages as well as high-speed trail climbs. But even in moderately rough terrain, the plush suspension spoils you with plenty of comfort and safety. The Bosch drive unit with up to 1,125 Wh of battery capacity provides the necessary support. Enough energy for several mountain peaks in a row … 


  • durable aluminium frame with sturdy aluminium motor guard
  • 150 or 170 mm of suspension travel 
  • drive unit: Bosch Performance CX with up to 1,1125 Wh of battery capacity


  • 29″ or 29"/27.5" wheels, geometry adjustable via Flipchip
  • low top tube for plenty of freedom of movement & short seat tube for long Vario seatposts
  • storage compartment behind the seat tube for a spare tube and more

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Stomp Pmax - An efficient trail E-Bike for any terrain

A “trailblazer” for all occasions: Root passages, stony trails and narrow serpentines can be mastered effortlessly with the Stomp Pmax. The bike’s excellent handling is also impressive on technical climbs.
In addition, the Stomp optionally provides up to 1,125 Wh of battery capacity – for nearly endless riding fun. Those who enjoy a bit of extra convenience can upgrade the bike with a belt drive, light system, and luggage rack.


  • carbon frame incl. carbon rocker
  • 140/130 mm of suspension travel
  • drive unit: Bosch Performance CX with DualBattery option for up to 1,125 Wh of battery capacity


  • 29″ wheels
  • optionally available with light system, luggage rack, mudguard, and kickstand – for an extended range of uses
  • optional belt drive

>> Check out the Stomp Pmax

Cirex SL - the ultra-lightweight race bike with down-country qualities

The Cirex SL is the ultimate solution for all cross-country riders, summit conquerors and touring enthusiasts who want to get maximum output with minimal effort. The super lightweight frame weighs about 200 grams less than the standard Cirex frame and pushes the limits of what’s possible.
The bike’s balanced geometry allows for high speeds in demanding terrain. In addition, the suspension absorbs both minor and major impacts with high efficiency. The full-suspension MTB is available with 100 mm of travel as well as in a down-country version with 120 mm of travel.


  • ultra-lightweight carbon frame with compact rocker for minimal weight
  • highly efficient suspension with 100 mm of travel for demanding terrain, optionally available in a down-country version with 120 mm of travel


  • Flexlink: saves weight, increases stiffness, and reduces maintenance requirements
  • internal cable routing via the Smart Headset

>> Check out the Cirex SL

Rapcon - Ready for trail action!

Uncompromising and no-nonsense: The Rapcon loves rough terrain, feels at home on demanding trails and likes to go lightning fast. A well-balanced geometry, an extra low centre of gravity and full suspension keep the rider securely in the saddle even under exceptional circumstances.
Uphill, the Rapcon transforms into an efficient climber that effortlessly manoeuvres through narrow passages. The rider’s job? To get on and enjoy the ride!


  • carbon frame incl. hollow carbon rocker
  • balanced geometry: chainstays that “grow” with the frame for optimum wheel-load distribution
  • 150/150 mm or 170/165 mm suspension travel


  • 29″ wheels
  • agile handling thanks to low-slung shocks (low centre of gravity)
  • convenient storage compartment on the down tube

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Chenoa Max - full suspension trekking and touring bike

In terms of comfort and safety, the Chenoa Max truly raises the bar. Thanks to a low step-through frame and full suspension, touring could hardly get any more relaxed.
What’s more, the suspension additionally improves tyre traction, which is why the Chenoa Max also plays to its strengths in off-road use. Its lightweight carbon frame and an integrated luggage rack make the bike the perfect all-rounder.


  • carbon frame incl. carbon rocker, ensuring low overall weight
  • full-suspension, step-through frame for maximum comfort and optimum tyre traction with 65/70 mm of suspension travel
  • drive unit: Bosch Performance Line CX with a 625-Wh battery pack


  • full internal cable routing for a neat and clean look
  • rear luggage rack attached to the main frame instead of the rear triangle
  • optionally available mudguard and rear rack

>> Check out the Chenoa Max


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