Bike computers for e-bikes: smart digital companions


Basic functionalities or connected biking: No matter the intended use of your bike computer, you will find suitable models at SIMPLON. Read more!

Bike computers for SIMPLON e-bikes: digital companions on the road

It accompanies you on all adventures and always knows exactly how many kilometres you have already covered on your bike. And if you ever suffer from low motivation, it will encourage you to keep pushing. What are we talking about? A bike computer, of course!

On electric bikes, it serves as an important component of the drive system, making all kinds of riding data such as speed, battery status and range visible at a glance.

But not all bike computers are the same. In this magazine article, you can find out how they differ from one another, and which model is best suited to you and your e-bike.

Motor, battery and bike computer: a powerful trio

When it comes to the drive unit of e-bikes, the following applies: All good things come in threes. If the motor, the battery and the bike computer harmonise perfectly with each other, then your biking adventures can begin. While the motor is the core of the electric bike, the battery provides it with the necessary power. The higher the battery capacity, the greater the range. On selected SIMPLON e-bikes, the capacity can be optionally increased with a second battery.

You also have a choice when it comes to deciding on the type of bike computer. A distinction is made between connected and non-connected models. In addition, you can convert your smartphone into a bike computer with the help of a special module.

A dynamic duo: SIMPLON and Bosch

Whatever you choose, you'll find the right model at SIMPLON. For years, SIMPLON has relied on Bosch not only for motors and batteries but also for bike computers.

Good to know: Depending on which drive system is installed in your e-bike, different riding modes are supported. The desired riding mode can be selected via the bike computer.

Purion and Intuvia: Simple operation meets clean design.

Easy to use and the most important information available at the push of a button – this is what makes the Purion and Intuvia models so convincing. During operation, your hands remain safely on the handlebars. Both displays blend harmoniously into the overall design thanks to their minimalistic look. A special feature of the Intuvia model is the perfect legibility of the data on the display, even in bright sunlight. 

A particularly convenient feature is also the integrated shift recommendation, which not only saves you energy but also the battery of your e-MTB.

Important note: The Purion bike computer is only available for the Stomp PMAX, Steamer PMAX, Rapcon PMAX and Sengo PMAX e-mountain bike models.

Kiox and Nyon: the connected ones

The Kiox bike computer not only brings colour to the display but also gives you access to the digital world. The bike computer sends data about routes and activities to the smartphone connected to it. What does that mean for you? You always have your routes and ride data right in front of you – live and in colour.

The Nyon model offers the same functions with one difference: The display is a touchscreen that can be operated intuitively when stationary. While riding, the Nyon can be controlled like the conventional Bosch computers via the separate control unit.


SmartphoneHub: the smart version

From your smartphone to your bike display in the blink of an eye – all thanks to the SmartphoneHub. After successful installation and configuration of the COBI.Bike app, your phone can simply be plugged into the control module – and convenient functionalities are ready and waiting for you. These include features such as navigation, music control, fitness tracking, phone calls, and connections to other services and apps such as Strava or komoot.

Good to know: Even if you don’t have your smartphone with you, the integrated display shows the most important data like speed and range.

Choosing a bike computer: a question of intended use

Just as individual bike computers differ from one another, cyclists have their own individual needs too. When making a decision, you should ask yourself what data is important to you. If you only want to know how fast you are going and how many kilometres you can still ride, then the Purion or the Intuvia model are the right choice for you.

If you want to read your route directly from the display and track your activities, then go for a connected model or the SmartphoneHub.

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Listen up, newcomers or those switching to an e-bike: If you're looking for a new bike, the first question you need to ask yourself is what you want to use your electric bike for. Whether you're looking for a city bike for your daily commute or a model for off-road adventures – SIMPLON has the right electric bike for every type of rider!

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